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For the decades, the Newton City Council has made tremendous improvements and upgrades to Newton's infrastructure as well as providing Newton residents with additional recreational amenities and services. Under the leadership of Mayors Charles Glover, David Hines and present Mayor, Rachel Martin, City Administrator Donnie Meek and the support of the Newton City Council, Newton has moved decisively into the new millennium complete with short and long range goals that will further enhance the lifestyles of Newton residents and enable the City to be in a great position to attract new business and industry.

Infrastructure improvements include paving and repaving of local roads, sidewalk repair and new sidewalk construction, water-gas-sewer line replacement, upgrade of the Water Treatment Facility, additional water pump and sewer lift stations, replacement of unreliable and "maintenance costly" old city vehicles and equipment, upgrades to the primary electrical service and transformers, computerization City Hall records and billing for lower overhead and administration cost, added additional Police vehicles and personnel and initiated the establishment of the Newton Economic Development Corporation and Newton Community Development Corporation to provide financial assistance to businesses and civic organization projects.

All these past and continuing improvements and upgrades have been provided to the citizens of Newton while incurring little debt or bond service. In fact, the City of Newton's Balance Sheet and Budget could serve as a benchmark for other cities that provide fewer quality services with larger debt obligations. "Working Together For The Benefit Of All" is a motto that the City of Newton government and administration strives for on a daily basis!


Newton's modest yet highly efficient City Hall is just a block form the Newton County Courthouse Square. Our staff prides itself on providing the best community service to residents and tourists. Highly efficient to keep overhead costs to a minimum, the City maintains communication, record keeping and billing services utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. The City Hall is home to the mayor's office, city administrators office, municipal judge and the police department. For most efficient operation, all city services originate from the City Hall.

City Hall



Caney Creek Park

Caney Creek Park Pond Construction

Caney Creek Park, located just a short walk from the Historic Newton County Courthouse Square, is another project the City of Newton continues to improve for tourists and residents alike. Covering over 30 acres, the Park features picnic tables, antique street lights and provides visitors a pristine nature experience. Magnificent hardwood trees shade areas for picnics or one can just relax under the awesome canopies.

Take a stroll along the winding creek bank and marvel at the plant and aquatic life that abounds in and around the cool and slow-flowing current. During the Fall of 2001, personnel with the City of Newton constructed ponds that will capture overflow as well as rain water to add yet another unique amenity to the natural beauty of this distinctive recreation area. Improvements to Caney Creek Park include lighted walking trails that wind throughout the Park and rest stop benches that enable visitors to explore nature’s beauty at its finest.


Serving Newton as well as surrounding areas, the Newton Municipal Airport has undergone several improvements and expansion programs in the past 5 years. The 4000’ x 60' hard surface asphalt runway will accommodate singles, large twins and even Lear A-35's. The airport features no approach or takeoff obstructions. Our dusk-to-dawn low intensity runway lighting meets FAA requirements. Hangers and tie-downs are available for short or long term storage. As an additional service to travelers, there are no landing or tie-down fees. Transportation to town is available and at no cost! Look for the Newton Municipal Airport R-61 location on the Houston Sectional Map.

Airport Hangar

Airport Runway


The City of Newton continues to improve its infrastructure with annual street paving projects. Every year additional streets are repair and resurfaced to provide its citizens with easy, safe and reliable travel while slashing future street maintenance cost.



Installing New Fire Hydrant

The City of Newton, as a result of a long term commitment to improving services to its residents and businesses, replaces and upgrades trunkline water service to customers. New and more reliable fire hydrants not only provide citizens with additional peace of mind, but also may reduce property insurance premiums. Modern PVC pipe, more reliable and less costly than other pipe materials, provide safe and inexpensive fresh water throughout the City.

New Water Line Installation

New Aerator


West Side Water Improvements

Several new, reliable and efficient fresh water pump and storage systems are continuously being constructed within the City. The City of Newton's water system meets or exceeds government specifications. Residential and commercial customers can expect high quality water, dependable service at low cost as a result of the City of Newton's dedication to service excellence.


The Newton Volunteer Fire Department is recognized as second to none for its fire fighting service to area residents, landowners and businesses. For numerous years Chief Hal Kelly, decd, Chief Bryan Kelley and his dedicated volunteers have established the Newton V.F.D. as a leader in fighting fires and providing rescue operations throughout the Newton and Newton County.

During the historic Moore Creek Fire in September of 2000, the NVFD provided leadership for over 600 fire fighters that responded from all over the country. As a result of donations and financial assistance from the City of Newton, the Newton V.F.D. continues to upgrade its tankers and equipment in a never ending mission to provide Newton with the best volunteer fire-fighting team available.



Upgrading Transformers

Dedicated to providing reliable and inexpensive electricity to city residents and businesses, the City is upgrading and increasing the efficiency of its Electrical Distribution System. As a result, new manufacturing and industry business can rely on a power supply infrastructure that will handle their their present and future needs.


The City of Newton's new wastewater treatment plant more than doubled the water treatment capabilities over the existing system. With the expansion of this service, Newton stands ready to accommodate the wastewater treatment needs for new residential, manufacturing and industrial construction.

Sewage Treatment Plant Construction


3 Mile Park

Known by locals as the "3 Mile Park", this Depression Era roadside park is still in operation and is located on Highway 190 about 3 miles east of the Newton County Courthouse Square in the City of Newton. Created in typically shaded areas, for nearly 70 years this roadside oasis has offered drivers and their passengers some rest and comfort on hot summer days.

Although most of these statewide original picnic rest areas are gone, this beautiful roadside park provide visitors an opportunity to step back in time and imagine how life was before construction of Interstates when life was at a slower pace

3 Mile Park


Football Monument

High School Football is a winning tradition within the Newton Independent School System. Private and public donations provided the construction of the Football Championship Monument located at the entrance gate to the football field and track. In addition to the engravings listing the numerous District, Bi-District, Area, Regional and Quarter-Finals championships, the highlight on the Monument includes the names of each player whose team won the State Football Championship in 1974, 1998 and 2005!


Constructed in the '80's, the Howard Civic Center is a focal point for many activities and also is the home of the Newton County Library and the Newton County Historical Commission Museum. The Civic Center also has a large banquet room, capable of seating over 250 as well as an attached commercial kitchen. The banquet room may be rented for private or public meetings and other events

Civic Center


Fillyaw Correctional Facility

A mainstay for employment and positive economic impact to the City and County, the Newton County Correctional Facility, also known as the Fillyaw Correctional Facility, houses TDC and other inmates in a low to medium security environment. Employing over 200 personnel, the facility is owned by the County of Newton and the management is contracted to well respected private correctional facility operators


The Pete Hughes Memorial Park, located just a couple of blocks from the Courthouse Square, offers visitors shade trees, benches and playground equipment. Dedicated volunteers with the Newton Area Business Association (NABA), Newton Garden Club and the Newton Community Development Corporation provide funding and the "elbow-grease" necessary to keep this Park attractive and functional for all residents and visitors. Several other parks are also located in and around the city.

Pete Hughes Park


Rodeo Arena

The Newton County Fairgrounds has hosted numerous activities and functions for several decades. Maintained and operated by the Fair Association and its president, Ricky Simmons, it is the home of the Newton County Livestock Show in April. Hundreds of area youth from all over Newton County show their animals as well as arts and crafts at this event. The Fairgrounds include an outdoor pavilion for bands and live entertainment, an arts & crafts building for banquets and special indoor events, a showbarn, pens and arena for livestock exhibition and rodeos, modern restrooms and a grassy area of over an acre for carnivals and other outdoor activities.


Water Tower

One of two City of Newton's water towers, located on the Courthouse Square, welcomes visitors to this great community. "Eagle Pride" is evident by the NISD schools' logo placed on this tower.


The Veterans Monument was placed on the Courthouse Square in 2000. As a result of many volunteer hours to make this dream a reality, our war veterans are honored and memorialized for eternity. Newton County is rich in history and this latest project is reflective of the pride our citizens show in thought and deed. Names of soldiers from Newton County include those who fought as far back as the War of 1812.

Veterans Monument

City of Newton Government

101 North Street
Newton, TX 75966

Phone: 409-379-5061
Fax: 409-379-5065
Email Link:

 Mark Bean

City Council
 James Fiestel (Mayor Pro Tem), Shirley Russell, Mike Adams, Harland Strother and John Gipson

City Administrator
 Donald H. Meek

City Secretary
 Molly Will

 Ricky Simmons

Police Chief
 Tommy Adams



The City of Newton is aggressive in assisting existing businesses and potential new businesses. In 1994, the Newton Economic Development Corporation and the Newton Community Development Corporation were formed. These two entities, administered by local citizen Directors as well as the Newton City Council, were created to provide funding and other assistance to new and existing businesses.

Each Corporation, commonly referred to as NEDC and NCDC, are funded by a voter approved 1/2 cent addition to the State Sales Tax on services and products produced or sold within the taxing jurisdiction of the City of Newton. Each Board has four Directors and one Chairman. In addition, the daily operation of each Corporation is managed by Donnie Meek, the Administrator for the City of Newton. All assistance requests are directed to Mr. Meek initially and he reviews the business operation and develops an analysis relating to the businesses' potential economical impact to the City of Newton and it's residents.

New and existing businesses requesting economic assistance have discovered that working with the City of Newton is easier and more timely than many other larger communities. The economic assistance request package is moved through promptly and with an earnest desire to help that business in it's efforts to move to Newton or expand their present inventories, equipment and payroll.

This program provides grants for the construction of first-time public infrastructure projects incidental to an incoming business or a business expansion. Eligible projects include water, sewer, streets, gas lines, drainage, treatment facilities, landfills, railroad spurs, traffic signals, dredging of harbors or channels, telecommunications and electric lines, and acquisition of real estate for infrastructure.

This program provides funding to qualified communities to construct, acquire, or rehabilitate real estate so that it may be leased to a company. Awards range from $50,000 to $500,000.

TMAC was designed to help Texas small manufacturing companies remain competitive in the ever changing global marketplace. The TMAC Center provides technical assistance at a discounted rate for process improvement, environmental regulations upgrades, changes in technology and the marketplace.

Provides financial assistance through loan guarantees for businesses that are engaged in innovative, diversified or value-added production, processing, marketing or exporting of an agricultural product. The program provides a guaranty of up to 90 percent of the production, processing, marketing or exporting of an agricultural product. The program provides a guaranty of up to 90 percent of the loan amount to an eligible lender. Funds may be used for working capital, equipment, real estate and/or improvements and inventory. Guaranties range from $30,000 to $5 million.

Provides low interest rate loans through approved lenders for individuals or businesses in Texas that process and market agricultural crops or livestock; produce alternative crops; produce alternative crops using water conservation equipment for ag production purposes. The funds may be used to purchase land, machinery, equipment, seed, fertilizer, plants, inventory or professional services. The low interest rates for production loans may be applied up to $250,000 and up to $500,000 for processing and marketing loans.

The Business and Industry Loan program provides loans from $1 million to $10 million for business and industrial acquisitions; land purchase, machinery and equipment, construction, enlargement, or modernization; pollution control or abatement; working capital; and refinancing when necessary to save jobs. The project must be located in a city with less than 50,000 in population and priority is given to projects in cities of less than 25,000. There is no requirement the business be related to agriculture. Manufacturing, retail, wholesale and services are eligible.

This program provides fixed asset financing at below-market fixed rates of interest. The loan may be used to acquire land, construct buildings, purchase land, buildings, machinery and equipment. The 504 loan is coordinated between the SBA and a private lender with the lender covering 50 percent of the project and the SBA 40 percent and the borrower 10 percent. The maximum participation by the SBA is $1 million.

The 7(a) program guarantees commercial lending institutions up to 80% for loans under $100,000 and up to 75% for loans over this amount and up to $750,000. Funds can be used to finance working capital, fixed asset acquisition, including land, buildings and equipment.

The Low Doc program was designed to simplify the SEA application process and shorten the processing time for smaller loans. To be eligible a business must have 100 or fewer employees; and annual sales for the past three years must be less than $5 million. The maximum loan amount is $100,000.



Newton is located 70 miles northeast of Beaumont, 150 miles northeast of Houston, 245 miles southeast of Dallas, and 280 miles northeast of Austin. It is the county seat of Newton County.

Type of local government: Mayor/Council/Manager
Annual budget: $4,300,000
Bonded indebtedness: $1,800,000
City: G.O.: $None
Water rev: $200,000
County: $None
School: $None
Fire insurance class: .40 in city outside
Number of pumpers/trucks: 3
Number of full-time firemen: 0   EMT trained:
Number of volunteer firemen: 23    EMT trained: 5
Number of full-time city policemen: 3
Garbage service provided: City of Newton
Nearest landfill for comm./ind. use: Deweyville (South Newton County)
Landfill under construction in Deweyville area.
Public library: Yes Volumes: 16,000
Planning Commission: No
City zoning: No

Supplied by: City of Newton
Groundwater: Yes Surfacewater: No
Source: Wells
Capacity of water plant: 1,152,000 gpd
Average daily consumption: 250,000 gpd
Storage capacity: .416 mg
Ground: .216 mg      Elevated: .2 mg
Pressure in mains: 60 lbs.

Type of treatment plant: Oxidation
Percent of community served by sewer: 90%
Average daily load: .32 mgpd
Design capacity: .980 mgd

of Newton & Jasper/Newton Electric Coop

City of Newton

Valor Telecommunications
Digital: Yes    Analog: Yes    ElectroMechanical: No
Fiber optics: Yes     Switched 56 KBPS: No    911: Yes-ANI
High capacity digital (T-1): Yes     Digital data service: Yes
Make/Model/Software level: DCO-19.0
Long distance companies: Numerous

Average annual temperature: 67 degrees
Monthly average high temperature: 93 degrees
Monthly average low temperature: 40 degrees
Average annual rainfall: 56 inches
Elevation: 187' above sea level

Interstate within city limits: No
Distance to nearest Interstate: 53 miles
Interstate: I-10
U.S. Hwy.
: 190
State Hwy.
: 87

Greyhound - Trailways; Southeast Texas Transit

Name of railroad(s)
Santa Fe
Switching service: Yes
Piggyback service: Yes

Nearest Port Facility: Port of Orange, 30 feet deep

Red Ball Motor Freight, Central Freight - Tex Pack

Nearest commercial airport: Jefferson County Airport
Distance: 80 miles
Name of airlines serving airport: Delta, Conquest, Continental Express,

Nearest general aviation airport: Municipal Airport
Distance: 3 miles
Type of runway: Asphalt
Length of runway: 4,000 feet
Landing strip lighted: Yes
Instrument landing system: No
Private aircraft storage available: Yes
Private aircraft maintenance available: No

Machine shops: Yes     Number: 2
Tool & die service: Yes
If no, distance to nearest service: 70 miles
Electric motor repair: No
If no, distance to nearest service: 15 miles
Type of newspaper(s) in city: Daily and Weekly
Number of radio station(s): 2
Number of Antenna TV channels received: 3    Cable TV: Yes
Seating capacity of largest banquet room: 350
Number of banks in city: 2
Total assets: $90,000,000

Number of hospitals: 0
IDistance to nearest hospital:  Jasper, TX
Number of nursing homes in community: 1
Number of clinics available: 3
Medical personnel:
MD(s): 4      DVM(s): 4
PA(s): 2      Dentist(s): 1

Number of dwellings: 831   Owner occupied: 461
Residential housing cost per sq. ft.: $50
Lot costs: $1,000
No. of rental housing available: 228     Cost: $350
Rental apartments available: 10     Cost: $350-500
Churches: 45 total churches























1990 Population by Race


1990 Population by Age







0 - 13




14 - 21




22 - 34


Native Am.


35 - 49




50 - 64




65 - above



Property Tax


Rate per $100 Valuation

Assessment %




County & Lateral Road






Sales Tax %
Eco. Dev. 1%

City of Newton Tax Abatement Policy
The local tax abatement policy is one of the most generous in the State of Texas because it not only abates the increased value of real property for a qualifying business, but includes the increased value of personal property as well. The policy is based on the amount of investment by the company and the number of full time permanent jobs at the facility.


Major Area Employers

Company Name




Newton ISD




Government Employment


State, County, City


Fillyaw Correctional Center


Private Prison


Retail Grocery




Shady Acres


Nursing Home


Southern Wood Products


Lumber and Sawmill




The Newton Independent School District, with all three campuses located in within the City of Newton, serves a rural population of nearly 1400 students and covers over 385 square miles. Good ethnic relations abound in this community that offers a diverse cultural blend.  In 2003, the entire District was awarded Exemplary status by the Texas Education Agency!

High SchoolTwo new campuses were built during the past 5 years. The modern and efficient Middle School was built on the High School Campus area. Utilizing concrete masonry block and steel, this energy efficient facility offers technically advanced classrooms, cafeteria, offices and gymnasium.

Elementary SchoolThe new Elementary School, completed in 2001, replaces the wood-frame school that burned to the ground on Thanksgiving night, 1998. Again, the same type of fire-resistant and mechanically efficient structure was built providing students with a modern environment while slashing maintenance and utility costs drastically as compared with the old structure it replaced.

Improvements to all campuses continued in 1999 through 2001. The High School football stadium playing field was re-graded for proper water drainage, new rubberized track was installed, new roofing was placed over the High School gym and new boy's baseball and girl's softball complex became a reality in the spring of 2001. Tennis Courts were constructed in 2002 and serve the students as well as the general public.

Our students now have modern and efficient facilities that other "like-size" communities only dream of. And the cost? Well, the local voters approved bond issuance, administration worked hand-in-hand with architects and contractors to deliver facilities at or below budget. The additional cost to taxpayers was just a few cents higher per $100 valuation and Newton I.S.D. still maintains one of the lowest property tax rates in the State! Good planning, a community dedicated to quality education of it's youth and School Board Trustees that insist on getting the taxpayers' their "dollars worth" has resulted in a School District it's citizens can be proud of.



Football Monument

High School Football is a winning tradition within the Newton Independent School System. Private and public donations provided the construction of the Football Championship Monument located at the entrance gate to the football field and track. In addition to the engravings listing the numerous District, Bi-District, Area, Regional and Quarter-Finals championships, the highlight on the Monument includes the names of each player whose team won the State Football Championship in 1974, 1998 & 2005!


There are also great opportunities for students to participate and be competitive in District as well as post-season play in Volleyball, Powerlifting and Tennis.  In academics, students may compete in the following UIL events: Accounting, Calculator Applications, Computer Science, Cross-Examination Debate Team, Current Issues and Events, Journalism, New Writing, Feature Writing, Editorial Writing, Headline Writing, Literary Criticism, Mathematics, Number Sense, One-Act-Play, Ready Reading, Science, Speech, Prose, Poetry, Extemporaneous Informative, Extemporaneous Persuasive, Lincoln Douglas Debate, and Spelling / Vocabulary.


Michelle Barrow, Superintendent

Judy Holleman, Principal
Newton High School

Judy Holleman, Principal
Newton Middle School

Sarah Richardson, Principal
Newton Elementary School

Johnny Metz, Asst. Superintendent
Curriculum and Technology

Jackie Keel, Director
Special Education

414 North Main Street
Newton, Texas 75966
Phone: (409) 379-8137
FAX: (409) 379-8187



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